Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kill Me Hardly

Puss Princesses
& Pansy Princes
Are getting sentimental

Are writing poetry

To shit styles in piss

Make too many words
Say nothing
Make too many words
Avoid transitions

Comment on the art
Want art



We're writing stuff so meaningful
That when you don't see it you aren't meaningful, go away.

It's the world of stabbing eyes
Shooting energies
Bitch worlds
When energy's there,
To mold our own vision for it,

Cracked turtles trailing blood.

Beneath the Autumn wood
You have sung me songs, clouds
Shown which path's truely good
Out of these wandering reams of crowds
That stab at Earth
For bits of worth.
Show them what you showed me, clouds?
Yeah well that's not my job
chit chat with individual wills as a mob,
...Oh but that's what you did say,
.............Above the darkened rain
Wandering wills are too much to contain
None know what each will do
This is the only thing that's true.

So did that do it, did I tell them okay, did I listen?
Fucken ell, can't I enjoy clouds without divine mission?

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