Sunday, February 28, 2010


Where wrest
papers in a mess.

Watch run
and loose what
was signified.

Where awareness
shifts head
to leave
to old maid's
ink and desk.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Reduce, reduce, nihil.
Emerge from nothing's
everything vatal.

So the greens
in every shade,
thoughts imaterial
not found in a count
but inbetween
every counted one.

Stretched-out mind
hovers within,
guiding this range

to the tastes,
give me once more variety,
sweet, one's better than others,
sour after bitter,
long for the flying hot
for chilled experience.

So possibility trumpets,
but a final end of time
if it's not impossible it someday fade.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Isolated Particle

Father's arms around, he's already reving his feet.
Once let go, he's floored the red oak door
Out to blossoming day, greens, gray and silver cars,
Wind that would toss a tangerine his way up the street,
And a thousand miles behind in uproar.

Well the ice strikes, and here come the knocks
Along one side and the other upon identical doors
And sometimes hailing hands to passing cars,
Or wandering for heat in front of locks,
For greens, for fruit, for substantial what-fors.

As a modern faun, or, alien bright,
Housholds now behold this thing
Much out of reach, and unsituated
Holding heat and fruit night by night
Reduced to a sugary, glowing orange ring.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hands Full of Stuff

Eeking its way to housetops,
Light throws motors buzzing out front,
Bags in hand, to swarm the gatekeepers
Unlatching at 8.

What propful day awaits?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Into the Artifice of Eternity

One laments temporal holds
On us that grey our land,
Yet in the fast steps of another show,
Our own once ripe.

My hobbling skeleton
Motions flies and ants
At the first juice drops.
The Snapping twigs of bursting life
Attenuate contrapuntal misery.

Anything but changing seasons:
Florid pills down my gull, I'll driftaway,
Kill my time to the one unchanging.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Soaking up Decay

Twenty dollars lies face-down in a gutter,
half ink and sand, soaking the afternoon.
Shriveled money has lately
Spread over a rising quarter moon.

There sitting with his sign, a Vet. in rags
Lets on that all's typical,
And past the intersection go clerks in flimsy slacks
To whole stores of typical.

Soon large blasts join
Gunpowder air to rusty tail-pipes,
And leaves shower the streets
Between drooping chins and taillights.

Banks disintegrated with most their leaves
That swirl round the nodding sorters,
Yet the mechanism still ho-heaves.

Eyes outside Carl's Jr. open to shakes in hand.
Their roaring skates tear the ordered commotion,
Always laughing at the to-and-fro around.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It Wasn't Me

"Use your brain!" once you said
Taking over the wash to show
How it's done with eyes and hands.

What matter what day it was?
Valentine's, as any Sunday slow,
I rushed out for your card.

And enough about it. I've renounced it
with your moods. No comprendo?
I'm not learning that language!

An atmosphere invents itself
between the bits revealed as once,
"Stay away!" And so it wasn't me,
I made no cliches this Valentine's.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Gripping plastics, Child,
you know exactly what you want,
though it would change
just as soon in your hand.

And later with friends
the metals and lights
solicit your sight
and jump off the shelf.

After long down those aisles
your withered hands
grabbing sturdy jewls
to brighten your grays
will stop by a child
led by firm family hands
grabbing such plastics
above its gaze.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

So Many are Against Nature

It's here, didn't make it
but it did

No quicker
your hand hastened
than it was
..........going to.

Who objects
to followed behavior?

What for, Object?

Object that does as they,
that is as will be.

Arbitrary time
knows this moment,
yet circles elsewhere
East and West
where the same motion

Nowhere unrest
but locked shut
though some tug and rattle
that lock.

Though some rattle the chains.

Object, disappear.
An unconscious is your one end
doing only what will be done.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Kill words, what's truth worth? as
Polititians, two sides pulverize;
Can't tell anymore what's real,
Where to go away so that I feel
No more?

History repeats its warcraft,
Nam and Himmler all ex Jews as
Pol Pot, Mao's rise, Stalin's fall
Tear down forever that godamn wall.

Feel the crash of institution,
A member of its contribution;
Can't believe world's words,
What they say
Gotta make, better find a better way

Gotta kill all this killing,
Always wrong if God is willing
Where it stands,
I ain't for the world
And I ain't your whore.

Monday, February 1, 2010

To Verlaine

Past chances, what you want?
The chilled air grieves in mordant tones
And the sun darts down in monotone
Over orange woods where wind intones.

We were one and one in dreams vibrant
Just us, hair and thoughts blown.
So sudden her eyes at me did enchant:
"What's the greatest day you've ever known?"

Her voice twinkling angelic,
And as suiter, I gave my answer discreet
With a kiss on her white hand.

Woah! The first buds spring finest
And the next sounds I just can't stand
Of first yeses without rest.