Thursday, August 20, 2009

Selected Haiku

The ruby I bought
Now sits beside everything
Else I've discarded.

Rain taps on roof tops,
Impatiently wait for it
To stop already.

The food is ready,
Prepared without much money
Yet nothing's better.

Water trickling down
A brook also carries a
Way the day's effects.

The lifting bee knows
How to use and find nectar,
Nice to know purpose!

She wants to find 'it'
Near the 'thing' by the 'doo-dad.'
I'm not gonna help.

Though young I've grown old,
Staring too long at the clock
To move a little.

I see my finger
Pointing at everyone now,
At least I'm still safe.

Let's go for days sounds,
The streams of roads and people
Caught in their whirlpools.

This land was desert
Before people brought in green
Water and gardens.

There are many paths
And they say none are wrong but
I have to choose one.

Raising a boulder
Takes many heroes drudging
In the day to day.

Bacchus is no name
Any sober person sings,
That's why he's called that.

He carries his bat
Inside the ice cream parlor,
Smiles at the girl.

The deadline is near
So I'll cram, finish maybe
With buckets of sweat.

Though impossible,
It must be done and done well,
And so is worthwhile.

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