Saturday, August 22, 2009

Two Triolets And a Limerick

I recently found Evelyn N. Alfred's blog Evelyn N. Alfred, where she writes some poems in a form called a triolet. It's a very musical form with several refrains, which I failed to do in my first attempt because I didn't follow the example that closely, and so made a second. The meter is in iambic tetrameter with an ABaAabAB rhyme scheme (the capitals are the refrain). But memorizing terms like those is probably what killed poetry. Instead, find a poem that you consider a full expression of the art and directly imitate it. Lack of imitation and severing all influence is probably what killed poetry.

Did you kill poetry? To see if you did, answer correctly this trivia: Example #2 still deviates from being a true triolet, why is this?

Please be sure to let me know if you enjoyed these, how you feel about the forms, if they're worthwhile, if poetry's worthwhile, or anything else you're thinking in the comments. Enjoy.

Last Night Dream

My dream last night was more than real,
You felt me wrap my sheets around,
Yet pain was none nor fear did feel,
The land I dwelt was too ideal:
All troubles first did quickly heal
Then all bright sights and sounds were wound
In sense so free without a seal,
I weep to know it won't be found.


The leaves today go all a twirl,
My house, it seems, will blow away!
They come, unite in berry swirl,
The leaves today go all a twirl.
Come join us, neighbors, in the whirl,
Your home might not survive this day,
The leaves today go all a twirl,
My house, I hope, will blow away!

My Limerick:

There Once Was a Girl . . .

There once was a girl with more hair
Than's contained in circumferenced air.
She would grab all her lovers,
Under those strands for covers,
So they'd know her clothes weren't there.


  1. "It seems" I might have killed poetry because I know the answer, "I hope".

  2. And evelyn comes in for the killing, congrats!