Friday, June 4, 2010

My Woman Will be Cloaked


You chat on; if you'd like to know,
where these feet have treked
between ellum leaf
I'll show you.

I've wrested from God's
claws what is,
From electric star
and such suns
no more consider
what swirls below.

I mean you,
you're the one.

The severed heads of youth
took us away
but, alas, was flightless.

I'll wrap you in burqa leaves
behind my fire,
one of uncivilized meanderings
one of law, sharia, sharia;
my fire fierce of Mullah's blade
which with one false note
will off your tongue!
as you look on,
that much you are aware,
I see.

wait for me, wait,
caged in linen
no matter where I'm going! (don't ask)

I'll return,
sometime, this year?
Next year . . .?

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