Friday, April 2, 2010

Construction Worker's Complaint

For our future, WWIII.
Would push to fruition
Wars more deadly seen,

Yet they decimate slightly;
Our worker's union

As leveled postwar was flaming boon
Reminders of the past
Of economy once intact.

Our monuments stand Electric, erect, called to rise
Mellenia--Up, up with every modern sight that looms,
Only too well! Out of work,
As new ones won'as ages colossus,
t be needed.
So our beards grow egregious,
e we retire or sell
...........Earthquakes give work;
So much when the last one hit,
We set aside electrical codes
And specs that owners our job's done well
As jobs can't be over-forked
We'll be sent to patch that scar,
Stack upon the urban gore,

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