Sunday, January 31, 2010

Being In Time

Iron forged to place
Burnished molds hardened
Burned all dross and waste
So the statue stood.

But culminates
To here where it melts
By no built fate
But now in my hands

Its forward image
Points how it would return
If such and such arranged,
So I might again transform.

Author's Note:
Heidegger's right about everything as far as I can tell. But he inserts his concepts into temporality--Background familiarity/coping is the past, ready-to-hand the present, and for-the-sake-of-which the future--but I think there's more to the structure of time than that. So I thought writing the above would help flesh out what the structure of time was--it didn't. I don't want to be a philosopher; I'd have to start a new blog, and poems should make such mental realities open up. Heidegger himself said as much. So I just need to make better poems. That's it.

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