Friday, November 20, 2009

The President's Toking

The President's toking applause
Unsure how it'll affect him,
Heads shift into a mirage
Of desert sands shelled by grins.
Diamond teeth and wide jewls
--Those same lobbed down Wallstreet,
Stare firm like banks' fineprint rules
That grab shop, State, and grain replete.

Resticitive sleaves can't keep
From turning like bailed-out crank shafts,
Dripping hair sweat to feet
And misaligning sugical grafts.

Oven mouths raise bread
In reved-up breaths, baking banners,
The podium, its seal blushed red,
Rewrought by one-sounded hammers,
"My fellow Americans
. . . etc. " Plying over and over,
Between the typical phrasings
And the rest of those prime movers.

Why take it in? No, 'cause,
Inhale and watch the room spin
With the President toking applause
Unsure how it'll affect him.

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